Welcome to a word of Luxury

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The team is vibrant. It is multinational, based in Andorra, Cuba, France and Switzerland.

Together, after years of investigation and experiments, we developed a secret formula that is the foundation of each of our creations.

We are motivated by the quest of a particular energy: the varied expressions of beauty and intelligence. Nature and the human being are our first sources of inspiration.

Our secret lies within our spirits, our glance, and our way of doing things. Curious, determined and enthusiastic, we channel this energy that resonates in our creations, in balance and harmony.

We constantly travel around the world. We are insatiable, so, without preconceptions, we search deeply, we connect and we exchange, looking for ideas and partners among the richness and the diversity offered to us

Excellence is the cornerstone of our work. In an effort to reach the sublime, we follow our instinct, our guts, our hearts. We give the best of ourselves, through work and play, and we expect the same from our human, technical and material resources.

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